Saturday, August 18, 2007

Freudian and Machiavellian

Freudian Fallout

The theories established by Sigmund Freud (1858-1939), the 'Father of Psychoanalysis', opened a chanel to understanding the power of the unconscious mind as being the (secret) seat of all human fear and desire. This fear and desire, residing in the unconscious and often repressed, governs human behavior. Ergo, exploiting these hidden feelings enabled the manipulation of behavior.

Edward Bernays (1891-1995), the grand-daddy of mass manipulation and propaganda and Freud's nephew, most successfully applied Freud's theories. He did so on a large scale and mostly for the benefit of the large corporations and of the politicians who consulted him, including president Eisenhower.

This video documents such mass manipulation accomplished by tapping into human fear. It also extends to the justification of interference in the affairs of foreign nations, all under the guise of preserving American values. In actuality, however, the motives for such interventions were anchored in the safe-guarding of American corporate interests and profiteering.

Brainwashing a Nation by fabricating the 'Communist Threat', the 'Terrorist Threat' and so on

A very recent example of exploiting deep-seated human fear in order to justify political repression, military aggression and outright lies was demonstrated by the "Department of Homeland Security", a creation of president George W. Bush and his henchmen. In and around 2003-2004 the American People were kept in a constant state of fear fuelled by the regular issuance of various levels of "Terror Alerts".

[Also see Unmasking contemporary propaganda]

[More about Bernays' unethical activities: Engineering demand]


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Headlines - All the News shock-a-block

Grab a headline and run with it

....all the news that's fit to post on the Internet.

Are you a visual person AND a news-junkie?

If so, you will appreciate this unique news aggregator that displays up-to-the-minute headlines in colour-coded blocks that are sorted by time and topic.

It lets you select the specific subjects that you are concerned about among a huge choice of headlines.

Each graded colour block will take you to the site-of-origin at a double-click. The sources for the articles range from Reuters, Market Watch, CNN, Earth Times and the Guardian (U.K.) to lesser known online news services like iAfrica.

: : Play hop-skip-and-jump on The Newsmap : :

Note: The link above takes time to load/refresh. If you have a slow connect speed, such as dial-up, you might not be able to capture this URL...:-(

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

What is Sauna

In a Sauna Bath

For anyone not afraid to strip naked and in overall good health, i.e. no history of stroke or hypertension, there is nothing quite as beneficial to body and mind as taking a sauna bath. If you have never experienced it, it is a treat, and treatment, not to be missed. (Sauna is not recommended for children.)

A modern Sauna is a small to medium sized room, made entirely from wood, accommodating from four to eight people. It generally has two levels of benches, a lower one that would correspond to the height of an average chair and one that is double that height and therefore closer to the ceiling where the heat is strongest.

The heat elevates your body temperature, akin to having a fever, which destroys toxins in your system and eliminates them through intense perspiration. Sauna temperatures around 180 degrees Fahrenheit ("dry heat")or slightly higher are achieved by a specialized electric stove with a top layer of hot stones through which the heat escapes into the room. When water is poured on the stones to raise the level of humidity, the temperature is greatly increased and could reach a danger-point for the body, causing heat stroke. If high humidity levels are desired ("wet heat"), the temperature setting must be lowered proportionately, i.e., for 100% humidity, temperature should be around 100 degrees.

Sauna baths are generally taken in the nude, sitting or laying on a towel to absorb sweat.

The concept of sauna as a purification of the body has been practiced in various cultures, since the ancient times of Roman baths, for ceremonial as well as therapeutic purposes.


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SAUNA: De-tox Body and Mind

Amalgamated Perspectives takes a sauna

In our contemporary moral climate, which can be characterized as downright prudish, we have been brainwashed into thinking that nudity equals lasciviousness and that it is a certain prelude to sexual activity. This cannot be further from the truth. The human body in its natural state is one of the wonders of creation and certainly nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be debased by negative and judgmental connotations.

The Sauna is perhaps the only remaining setting where nudity is accepted, even called for. The simple act of ridding yourself of all clothing and stepping into an environment unfettered, is a liberating act. Settle yourself on a bench in the sauna room, close your eyes and let the heat permeate your body and open the pores of your skin. As the ensuring perspiration purges the toxins from your system, so will all tension and anguish be released from your mind as you give yourself over to complete relaxation. Contained in this chamber of ultimate warmth you experience the process of purification and renewal.

Sauna etiquette prescribes silence in the sauna room for a reason. Free from auditory distractions you can focus on letting go, both physically and mentally, of all the pollutants that have weighed you down. You emerge cleansed and light-footed in body and in mind.

The aftermath of a sauna bath gives new meaning to the concept of
being "born-again" ...


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