Saturday, June 16, 2007

CIPHERS By Ana Elsner - First Publication

CIPHERS Poems by Ana Elsner, front cover

"CIPHERS Of Uncommon Origin -

Poems by Ana Elsner", Volume I

First Edition June

28p.; 22cm; full color semi-gloss cover.

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"My work is seasoned by a life lived in a great diversity of cultural contexts, which enables me to transcend the limits of one-dimensionality. ... Although often provocative and (self) critical in tone, and neologistic in language, I consider my poems to be ageless and intellectually and emotionally accessible to a broad and diverse readership,"
Ana Elsner, 2006

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Poems by Ana Elsner in CIPHERS

"To create true poetry requires hunger and passion, and Ana Elsner has it, in spades,"

Lawrence Ferlinghetti,
Poet; Artist; Publisher,
City Lights Books,
San Francisco;
Recipient of the 2005 Literarian Award

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