Thursday, August 16, 2007

Headlines - All the News shock-a-block

Grab a headline and run with it

....all the news that's fit to post on the Internet.

Are you a visual person AND a news-junkie?

If so, you will appreciate this unique news aggregator that displays up-to-the-minute headlines in colour-coded blocks that are sorted by time and topic.

It lets you select the specific subjects that you are concerned about among a huge choice of headlines.

Each graded colour block will take you to the site-of-origin at a double-click. The sources for the articles range from Reuters, Market Watch, CNN, Earth Times and the Guardian (U.K.) to lesser known online news services like iAfrica.

: : Play hop-skip-and-jump on The Newsmap : :

Note: The link above takes time to load/refresh. If you have a slow connect speed, such as dial-up, you might not be able to capture this URL...:-(

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