Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fitting Memorial

SF Sewage Plant a fitting Bush Legacy


Proposition R on the San Francisco Ballot is titled:

Renaming the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant

Here are some excerpts from the Proponent's Argument in favor of
Prop R _____________________________________

"Just as France presented the Statue of Liberty as its gift to the nation, the citizens of San Francisco may now bestow their own special gift to the country by renaming our award winning waste water treatment plant in honor of outgoing President George W. Bush ... the world's first presidential sewage plant ..."

and, "Fellow citizens, Mr. Gallagher’s opposing argument does as good a job as any we've heard at highlighting why George W. Bush deserves this unique civic tribute. Since we can't say it better ourselves we'll share this haiku, submitted by one of the many supporters of this effort from San Francisco, around the country and abroad:

Need Bush memor'l?

Sewage plant available

How appropriate

Brian McConnell
Chairman, Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco

[Source: Consolidated General Election - City and County of San Francisco - November 4, 2008 - Voter Information Pamphlet, 38-CP200-EN-N08 and 38-CP201-EN-N08]


And now: Looking forward


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