Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Combat Influenza: Get a Flu Shot

influenza overview
Along with basketball games, Thanksgiving turkey and night frost comes the annual flu epidemic. We are talking about fever, sore throat, headaches, respiratory problems and general body aches and pains: Enough to put you out-of-commission and under a warm blanket, riding out this most serious of all seasonal afflictions.

Influenza is caused by rapidly mutating viral strains. The flu virus is abundantly present in schools, offices, busses and planes, and any public areas where people crowd together. Unless you are a housebound shut-in or a monk in his solitary cell your body's immune system will be put to a rigorous test and most likely will be defeated by this aggressive and omnipresent virus. Time to get the proverbial 'shot-in-the-arm', the flu vaccination. See your doctor, go to a clinic or consult your local (public) health-care resources. Don't delay!

Important Note :: The Flu shot will not protect you against the Common Cold. It is up to you to take precautionary measures to avoid catching it. Here are some important tips:
* Because cold germs on your hands can easily enter through your eyes and nose, keep your hands away from those areas of your body.
* If possible, avoid being close to people who have colds.
* Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based anti-bacterial hand gels several times a day.
[See also: The Common Cold]


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