Friday, November 04, 2005

On the Verge of Obsolescence: Graphology - Handschrift Deutung

This Post: in support of handwriting

With the invention, in the 1870s, of the first 'typewriter machines' came the slow but steady decline of the age-old practice of handwriting.

As the mechanical and later digital means of producing text took hold, pen and ink were relegated to being mere artifacts, rather than essential communication tools.
Winnowed down to the singlemost and only application of handwriting, that of rendering a signature onto a legal document, writing by hand all but vanished from our daily lives.
Even this last vestige of exercising one's own hand on paper is fast being replaced, outside a legal context, by the signature stamp and the digitized signature imprint.

We are of the opinion that this modern-age development represents a tragic loss of a uniquely personal form of self-expression. Even as we avail ourselves to the immediacy and convenience of digital Word processing, we are nonetheless deeply devoted to keeping alive the elegant and meaningful tradition of cursive script, in the true sense of the 'MANUscript', i.e., 'Written by HAND'.

Borrowing the words of Swiss poet, writer and philosopher Max Pulver (1889-1952):

"The feeling for and love of handwriting are
spontaneous happenings. At a precise moment of our life, their written form falls suddenly under the light of consciousness."

The handwriting movement as such is directed by neurophysiological mechanisms which are governed by the writer's behavioral and personality traits. The brain generates the impulse which is executed in a biomechanical dynamic mode. The resulting script is as unique as a person's fingerprint and gives, in turn, significant insight into the writer's psychological make-up and personality profile. The analysis of this data is called Graphology. It is by no means an exact science, relies on empirical evidence and remains highly controversial.

Findings and Conclusions on Graphology - Having subjected one of our staff members to undergoing a graphological analysis, AMALGAMATED PERSPECTIVES has found some basic indices and interpretations to be accurate and valid.

For those of you who still engage in handwriting, and are fluent in the German language, you can try out a self-guided handwriting analysis (complete with interpretation) directly online at
(Unforunately, we have not been able to find a site that offers online handwriting analysis in the English language. If you locate such a site, please let us know by way of the 'Comment' feature. )

[Look at a sample of Leonard Cohen's handwriting]

[See also: The Wikipedia page on Graphology]


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