Friday, November 04, 2005

Lock out Link Spammers and throw away their Key

This Post : STOP Link Spammers!
: Attention All Blogspot Bloggers:

Ever click open your blog, quick-scan the 'Comments' numbers and notice that several new ones have been posted? Oh, the glee, oh, the anticipation of resonance, of popularity, of meaningful dialog!
You click the permalink only to discover that your comments page is cluttered up with imbecilic one-liners, thinly veiled advertisements containing hyperlinks to this commercial site and that. - Yep, you have been link-spammed!

Do not fret, the clever folks at Google/Blogger have come up with a feature that lets you SCREEN each comment before it goes live on your blog. Works just like your trusted friend, the telephone answering machine: You choose who you talk to - you choose which comments get posted and which ones deleted. See how to activate this new feature.

We sure hope that other blog-hosts will follow suit and implement comment-spam screening tools, if they have not as yet done so.

[Find more details on blocking spam links on the googleblog.]


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Blogger Andrea Moi said...


The fact is - you're right. I've just started my blog not more than a couple days and have already recieved some spam; at least in the form of size. This comment was literally a "one-liner". Hell, more of a one-worder...


Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:13:00 PM  

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