Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winter in Fedoskino - Russian Lacquer Art

We welcome winter for all the special joys it brings:

... skiing, sledding, snowman-building, not to mention the cozy evenings by the fireplace, the hot mulled wine, the rosy-cheeked faces and the storytelling ... (Never mind about the icy roads, the endless snow-shoveling and the astronomical heating bills, we will not speak of those).

Amalgamated Perspectives showcases Russian Lacquer Art: 'Troika Race' painted by a Fedoskino artist
In anticipation of the first snow, we are proud to exhibit this dynamic and joyful Russian winter scene on a large oval black Russian Lacquer Plaque, celebrating the famous RUSSIAN TROIKA. It was painted in 1992 by master artist Tatyana Tipyakova of Fedoskino.

Please visit click here and read more about Russian folklore and the symbolism of the troika.


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