Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do Something




"I am marching in memory of Abdel Khaleq Nasser, Iraqi, male, civilian, husband and father, journalist, age 50, killed by mortar shell on 29 September 2007 in Bab Al Bedh, West Mosul. IBC database file #k7537."


ImageBites -

- Snapshots borrowed from various photographers and taken on October 27, 2007 at nationwide demonstrations to End the War in Iraq.

(Unable to identify each one by name, AMALGAMATED PERSPECTIVES gives collective credit to all photographers whose work you see here.)

In Philadelphia:


In Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake

In San Francisco:

San Francisco

In Chicago:


In Jonesborough TN:

Jonesborough TN

In Orlando:



Fallen Soldiers of the Iraq War represented by their boots and name tag

Participants by City:

(Note: These are preliminary estimates pending verification. )

Boston 10,000
Chicago 30,000
Jonesborough 400
Los Angeles 18,000
New Orleans 300 (many Katrina survivors)
New York City 45,000
Orlando 3,000
Philadelphia 8,000
Salt Lake City 1,000
San Francisco 30,000
Seattle 7,000

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Be a part of something huge" is the opening of the You Tube video promoting the "End This War" marches in several US cities on Sat., Oct.27, 2007. The video ends with a man whispering "psssst,... do something." So my wife and I plan to join this nationwide peace rally.

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq is an abomination, a mistake, a waste of human life, potential and resources, and a clear sign that our national leaders suffer from an advanced form of imperial madness.

I last marched in 1968 on the Sunday following the assassination of Martin Luther King. As you may or may not recall, MLK was killed while in Memphis to demonstrate his solidarity for the striking garbage workers in that city seeking a just wage.

I believe the time has come again for Americans to demonstrate their solidarity for the ideal of a just and more peaceful world that must begin by turning away from the wanton use of military power for aggressive purposes as has occurred in Iraq, and as is threatened elsewhere.

My wife and I ask those of you in cities that will not be hosting a march to joins us in spirit.

Thank you!

Leo S.

Friday, October 26, 2007 8:57:00 PM  

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