Monday, October 03, 2005

"These Shoes Are Made For Walking..."

Der bequeme Schuh - The comfortable shoe
... to paraphrase Nancy Sinatra's 1966 hit (except, of course, Nancy was singing about boots).

The other day, a member of AMALGAMATED PERSPECTIVES brought us this bi-lingual manufacturer's tag found inside a new pair of shoes.
Talk about "going the extra mile" on a sales pitch ... (see below).
We were so impressed that we decided to post it here exactly as printed on the tag in the German and English version :

"Die Schöpfung hat den Menschen ohne Schuhe vorgesehen. Ohne Schuhe sind unsere Füsse jedoch ohne Schutz. Ein bequemer Schuh ermöglicht es, wie barfuß zu gehen.
Unsere Schuhe wurden von den besten Designern entworfen. Sie sind aus bestem Leder und Materialien gefertigt die dem neusten Stand der Technik entsprechen.
Da wir uns der Qualität und dem Komfort verpflichtet haben, wünschen wir Ihnen ein bequemes Leben in unseren Schuhen."

"Nature intended us to be barefoot. But we need shoes to protect our feet. The next best thing to being barefoot is a good, comfortable shoe.
Our shoes are studied by a highly qualified team and are made out of the best leathers. The most advanced techniques are employed.
As our commitment is to quality, fit and comfort, we would like to wish you a comfortable life in our shoes."

As you can imagine, our entire staff is mobbing a particular shoe-store in order to get their feet into a pair of these wonders and to thereby assure themselves of the promise of a comfortable life...


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Anonymous The Shoester said...

- Factoid: The undisputed "QUEEN OF SHOES" Imelda Marcos, collector of everything from stilettos to go-go-boots, emptied out her shoe closet and opened a museum to show off her 1000+ pairs of size 8 1/2s ... Top THAT!

Thursday, October 27, 2005 1:12:00 PM  

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