Saturday, September 10, 2005

- Not "Art for Art's Sake", but "Art for OUR Sake"

'A' is for ART. Art is a Balm for the Soul: Surround yourself with art. Benefit from its healing power.
Everybody knows at least one person who collects art. Perhaps you yourself have bought a picture that caught your fancy, and have hung it on your wall, and then another, and then a third…

Far from being a necessity of life, art can nonetheless lift us up from our daily grind. Looking at it can make us smile, or think, or day dream. Art has a very personal and often magical effect on us. It can even give a certain sense of wellness and healing to the battered soul and to the malnourished human spirit. We recognize its benefit intuitively and that is why we bring art objects into our homes and work-spaces.

The visual arts span a wide range of media: photography, sculpture, drawing, oil on canvas, just to name a few. We want to shine the spotlight on one as yet little known art form: that of Russian Lacquer Miniature Painting on papier-mâché.

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